Sam Stocker and Satoshi Ikeda

Vol.01で残念ながらスケジュールがあわなかったアーティストのSam Stockerさん。今回は出演してもらえることになりました。Satoshi Ikedaさんとの共演です。楽しみ。

Sam Stocker and Satoshi Ikeda have been performing together since 2013. Ikeda studied music in the UK and has been composing and performing since that time. His main instrument is the guitar. He has established himself as a noise musician playing live in Japan, Canada and America.

Stocker is a recent PhD graduate from Tokyo Geidai. His art work is developed from abstracted narratives developed around site related research. This translates directly in to a combination of scripted and improvised spoken word performances. Performance has been apart of his practice since 2005.